Mubeen Rasheed is a British Entrepreneur and Immigration expert based in London, England but a frequent traveler around the Globe.

I did my education from Lahore I studied law along with the holy profession of journalism I also got five MA degrees I became a member of the editorial board of Pakistan’s biggest newspaper Nawai Waqt at the youngest age. I have been doing practices in Pakistan since 2003 and shifted from Pakistan to UK in 2012. I have focused more on immigration. We try to make our people go to other countries to get a better education. Many people go to Australia for education. In this regard, we face many issues in immigration. In the last one and a half years, 150,000 people have visited Dubai from Pakistan. A media person, a lawyer, whatever I have is as a trust, so wherever I go, I have shared it with others, Mubeen Rasheed expressed these thoughts to the Pakistani and Kashmiri community at the Pakistan Association in Dubai yesterday. Giving a presentation on immigration abroad, Mubeen Rasheed is a British businessman and immigration expert based in London, England but travels frequently around the world. Mubeen Rasheed talks about the changing laws of different countries. I have a lot of knowledge and guide the people of my country Pakistan, Mubin Rasheed said, I have always guided about citizenship by investment and business immigration for USA, Canada, Portugal and Caribbean Ireland. With the changing global realities, I am helping the community to raise awareness about education scholarships and immigration globally after the pandemic. I have always tried to make other people aware of it. All of you who are currently out of your country have come to the UAE,

so we are all out of your country. I had also been to Saudi Arabia before here, Riyadh, Jeddah, I even tried. I have been able to visit all the countries in the Gulf countries, wherever I have been, I have felt very closely that every person is looking for something better for their better future, for the better future of their family. Now let me talk about Saudi Arabia, when the situation is bad, many people had to shift their families to Pakistan. It has become 100,000, but if you look at it, the Turkish passport is not as important as the passport of other countries in Europe. Passports of America, Canada are at the top right now. Now you can travel to 35 countries on Pakistan passport. It is the easiest visa to go to any country without a visa. Now visa is a basic issue. How to apply There are forms on the website, but due to lack of complete information, they are rejected due to not applying properly, and especially those who apply for a visit visa from Pakistan. Therefore, I will ask you that if you are applying for a visit visa to any country, America, Canada, Europe, or want to go, first of all, you should make your travel history and travel to three or four countries. The travel history of the person becomes if they apply for a visit visa with fresh passport then it will be rejected 100%. Compared to this, if you have traveled to three or four countries and your travel history is better, then your visa will be lower. They see how much your monthly income is and how you spend it. These are the main issues of the visit visa, that’s why most Pakistani visas are rejected, compared to India.

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