Islamic Dubai: 58 communitiesparticipate in the “World Cultural

Diversity Day

In conjunction with the International Day of cultural diversity for
dialogue and development, which falls on May 21 of each year,
the Department of Islamic Affairs and charitable Activities in
Dubai held a cultural celebration organized by the Mohammed
bin Rashid Center for Islamic culture in the Islamic Affairs
Sector yesterday evening with the participation of 58 Muslim
and non-Muslim communities residing in Dubai .
Dr. Mohammed Al-Kubaisi, the chief mufti of the department,
gave a religious lecture in which he spoke about the teachings
of Islam, highlighting the virtues of Islam, the religion of
humanity, tolerance for non-Muslims, and the causes and
benefits of cultural diversity.
A number of communities also participated in a useful scientific
and cultural discussion aimed at consolidating the frameworks
of relations between all nationalities and exchanging views on
many concepts and beliefs in all countries.
Kerstin westholter ( from the Netherlands ) spoke on the topic:
How to build bridges to bridge the gaps between different
cultures in the UAE, Dr. Hanan from Egypt ( resident in America
) mentioned what different communities can do to bridge any
existing cultural gaps, Dr. Mandy Zimmermann – from Germany,
explained how to celebrate the International Day of cultural
diversity, and concluded the celebration on suggestions and
recommendations to enhance cultural diversity in the UAE.
The ceremony was held with the aim of promoting an important
message that should reach future generations that the UAE
embraces all cultures and religions, and everyone in the
Emirates beats from one heart to pump love and peace from
the Emirates to the whole world, and a number of resident
communities praised the efforts of the state in enriching and
promoting cultural and intellectual exchange, especially in the
emirate of Dubai, which embraces more than 200 nationalities
living on its land in harmony and complete harmony, no
difference between Cult, gender or color.

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