Sharing the big audio-visual • Arab screening of China’s excellent audio-visual works Startup in Dubai

May 21, 2024

“Sharing Big Audiovisual – Arab Screening of China’s Excellent Audiovisual Works” was launched at the 2024 Beijing New Audiovisual Night held in Dubai, which was guided by the State Administration of Radio and Television of China, hosted by the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, and co-organized by the China Intercontinental Communication Co., Ltd and the Radio and Television Research Institute of the State Administration of Radio and Television of China. The event was attended by representatives of media outlets such as Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV, Sharjah TV, Ras Al Khaimah TV, Fujairah TV, Dafra TV, MBC TV, Egypt’s New Daytime TV and Gulf News and Al Bayan. This event is supported by Lara Tabet influential personality in Dubai Society and TV preserter, Luxury ambassador and philanthropist living in Dubai.

At the event, Zhu Yonglei, deputy director of the State Administration of Radio and Television, mentioned that “audiovisual works are an important window for the Chinese and Arab people to understand each other”. The TV station pointed out that “looking forward to more cooperation between China and Arab film and television”. In recent years, a large number of outstanding Chinese audiovisual works have been broadcast in Arab countries, which has aroused the emotional resonance of the Arab people. At this event, the China Intercontinental Communication Co., Ltd and the mainstream media of Arab countries jointly launched the “Sharing the Great Audiovisual – Arab Broadcast of China’s Excellent Audiovisual Works”, which will bring the latest translation of 6 Chinese excellent audiovisual works in Arabic to Arab countries。 Including the TV series “Three-Body Problem”, the cartoon “Jili and Golu”, the variety show “Heartwarming Offer” (season 4) and the documentary “Qinghai: Our National Park”, “Jakarta-Bandung Departure – Southeast Asia’s First High-speed Railway Documentary” and “China in Numbers”. At the event, the Arabic theme song performance of the cartoon “Jili and Golu” and the Arabic dubbing show of China’s excellent audio-visual works were also held, so that the Arab media had stronger expectations for the upcoming Chinese audio-visual works.

It is reported that the three documentary programs have been first broadcast on Egypt's New Daytime Television, Syrian National Television, Omani National Television, etc., and other programs will be broadcast one after another.

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