Strikers Franchise Achieves Global Status Under Able Leadership of Shazmeen Kara

27th June 2024; With the cooperation of CEO Shazmeen Kara and the backing of Strikers’ squad owner Sagar Khanna the Strikers brand—which comprises the New York Strikers and the Colombo Strikers—has achieved global recognition. By securing participation for the franchisees in the Abu Dhabi T10 League (New York Strikers) Lanka Premier League (Colombo Strikers) and Legends Cricket Trophy (Colombo Strikers) Strikers’ franchise owner Sagar Khanna and renowned communications specialist Shazmeen Kara have expanded the teams’ global reach.

Sagar Khanna is a key figure in the development of the strikers’ brand which is now well-known to cricket fans all over the world. Shazmeen Kara’s teamwork and the backing of Sagar Khanna’s management have brought attention to well-known cricket players who have played in different leagues and made a significant impact for the franchise such as the likes of Babar Azam, Mohammad Amir, Yuvraj Singh and Kieron Pollard

Shazmeen has also been a trailblazer in building the strongest fan and media connect while catering to the interest of the players and the general public possessing every opportunity, since the New York Strikers lifted its first ever trophy by winning the 2023 edition of the Abu Dhabi T10 league.

Under her stewardship, the Colombo Strikers and the New York Strikers have become more than just cricket teams; they have evolved into lifestyle icons, capturing the imagination of fans worldwide. Shazmeen’s innovative approach to branding and marketing has redefined the fan experience, drawing in audiences beyond traditional cricketing demographics.

Talking on the privilege of managing public attention for the Strikers squad, Shazmeen shared, “Leading the Colombo Strikers and the New York Strikers has been about more than just cricket. It’s about creating lifestyle icons that captivate fans globally. By innovating our approach, we’ve transformed the fan experience and connected with audiences far beyond traditional cricket circles.

Talking more on expanding the demographics for the Strikers Franchise, Shazmeen shares, “The Strikers Franchise is known for having a strong roster for its icon reconnect. When players such as Yuvraj Singh, Kieron Pollard and Babar Azam take the field, the onus increases significantly in terms of younger fans understanding the role models who have shaped cricket over the years.”

Shazmeen’s ascent from a Mumbai-bred communications expert to a progressive figure in sports management speaks volumes about her adaptability and visionary leadership. Shazmeen Kara is also known to have been the founder and overall brand head of YWC Fashion.

This project which embodied the spirit of cricketing great Yuvraj Singh was India’s first-ever homegrown athleisure lifestyle sport brand. Shazmeen led the creative digital and social media marketing campaigns capitalizing on Yuvi’s broad appeal.

Speaking on leading YWC with Yuvraj Singh, Shazmeen shares, “It has been a privilege to be working closely with Yuvraj in all his campaigns for You We Can. It has been a start of an iconic partnership and it has been a privilege to be doing his communications again for New York Strikers”

Beyond its initial success YWC also expanded into other verticals such as men’s, women’s and children’s sports equipment, fashion accessories, jewellery and perfumes. Her partnership with cricketing icon Yuvraj Singh also exemplified her capacity to unite sports and lifestyle as they use their combined influence to propel social impact projects such as fundraising for Yuvraj’s YouWeCan Foundation to support cancer patients.

Initially set on a path to become an IAS officer, Shazmeen’s life took a dramatic turn when a friend and mentor recognized her talent for PR and marketing. This leap of faith led her to embrace the world of communications, where she thrived, taking on major international luxury brands like Bottega Veneta, Tommy Hilfiger, Jimmy Choo, FCUK, Calvin Klein, TATA, and Sahara.

As Shazmeen continues to revolutionize the cricketing world with her innovative strategies and unwavering dedication, she stands as an inspiration to aspiring leaders across the globe, proving that with passion and determination, anything is possible.

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