Sharjah welcomes a new addition to its culinary scene with the grand opening of Butt Karahi, a traditional Pakistani restaurant, in the vibrant Rolla area.

Founded by Umar Butt, the restaurant aims to bridge the gap in the UAE’s dining landscape by offering authentic Pakistani cuisine to the Pakistani diaspora and food enthusiasts from various nationalities.

“We have carefully scouted different locations and identified a significant gap in the availability of traditional Pakistani food in the UAE,” stated Umar Butt.

Butt Karahi: Traditional Pakistani restaurant in Sharjah
“Our first branch in Deira Dubai, opened in 2022, received overwhelming feedback and success. Encouraged by this response, we have now ventured into Sharjah to bring the rich flavors of traditional Pakistani cuisine closer to the Pakistani community residing here.”

Butt Karahi’s expansion plans are ambitious, with Umar Butt expressing his intention to establish 30 branches across different emirates of the UAE. “Our goal is to cater to a diverse clientele, including not only Pakistanis but also Emiratis, Indians, Filipinos and others,” he added.

Butt Karahi in Sharjah

The newly inaugurated branch boasts a wide array of traditional delicacies, including Karahi and Handi, alongside offerings from Chinese cuisine. With a seating capacity of 180, the restaurant promises a comfortable and inviting dining experience for its patrons.

“Our team comprises experienced and professional chefs hailing from Pakistan, who are adept at understanding and meeting the demands of our customers,” affirmed Umar Butt.

Butt Karahi is a household name
Khalid Hussain Chaudhry, President of the Sharjah Social Centre, graced the opening ceremony with his presence and expressed his commendation for the initiative.

for bringing the essence of Pakistani cuisine to Sharjah. Butt Karahi is a well-known name in the Pakistani community, and its presence here will undoubtedly be cherished by residents and visitors alike,” he remarked.

“The ambiance of the restaurant is truly captivating, and I encourage the Pakistani community to visit and savor the taste of homeland food right here in Sharjah.”

Butt Karahi in Sharjah

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