Professional Nailcare Brand PINX Shows that Beauty Can Have Purpose

Dubai, : In a country where the latest beauty treatments are always just outside your door, a new nailcare brand is making a difference. Today marks the official launch of PINX, a revolutionary professional nail care brand that not only promises high-quality products but also embodies a commitment to making a positive impact on the world. Founded by beauty industry veterans Deena Al-Ansari and Souha Sawan, PINX is set to redefine beauty standards by blending premium products with a socially conscious mission.

PINX was born out of the founders’ extensive experience in the beauty industry and their deep desire to create positive change. The brand’s name, derived from the Latin term meaning “He/she painted it,” reflects the belief that every woman is an artist in her own right.

More than just a beauty brand, PINX operates as a social enterprise with a primary focus on children. With every purchase of PINX nail polish, the brand is committed to donating meals to children in need. Taking it a step further, PINX matches the meal donation value to invest in initiatives aimed at protecting and elevating children’s circumstances.

Deena Al-Ansari and Souha Sawan, the dynamic duo behind PINX, initially ventured into the professional beauty industry in 2009. Over the years, they explored various beauty products and developed multiple brands while exclusively catering to spas and salons, learning the exact needs of the industry. Following over a decade of successful initiatives, they soon shifted their focus towards creating a meaningful impact on a global scale.

PINX’s social initiatives include “Meal Per Bottle Sold,” ensuring that each nail polish purchase contributes to providing a meal to a child. Furthermore, the Child Protection & Elevation program matches the total value of meal donations to support initiatives focused on safeguarding and improving the lives of children. All meal donations from PINX will go to Dubai Cares, a foundation affiliated with the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, ensuring that contributions reach children in need globally.

PINX is not only a brand with a purpose but also a commitment to delivering high-quality products for the modern woman. The nail polishes are crafted with premium ingredients, offering a long-lasting, breathable, and fast-drying formula. The extensive color range, and various finishes ensure that every customer is given the ultimate choice in expressing themselves completely.

“We believe in the power of beauty to create joy, and PINX is here to help create, extend, and amplify that joy, whether that’s through the self-expression of our customers, or the children around the world who benefit from every purchase.” said Deena Al-Ansari and Souha Sawan, co-founders of PINX.

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