EMRA UAE’s Celebratory Double Wicket Tournament Marks the 52nd UAE National Day with Sporting Fervor and Community Unity

Sharja UAE,

EMRA UAE organized a congenial double wicket tournament in connection with the 52nd UAE National Day. The primary objective behind this amicable event was to highlight the Pakistani community’s strong affinity towards the UAE as their second home and to actively partake in the celebrations of the UAE National Day.

This cricket tournament, featuring a double wicket format, boasted two distinctive categories: U-10 and U-14. Enthusiastic fans passionately rooted for their preferred teams and players throughout the tournament, relishing not only the matches but also indulging in Pakistani delicacies, sweets, and tea available at the food stalls.
A total of eight teams engaged in the competition, with Hemani emerging as the group victor in the double wicket cricket tournament. SA Sports Club secured the runner-up position, followed by High Trading in third place, and Pakistan Social Center Sharjah in fourth.
In the U-10 category, Yahya claimed the top spot, followed by Essa in the runner-up position and Ahmed securing third place. Meanwhile, in the U-14 category, Asad triumphed as the winner, Haiyan secured the runner-up position, and Haider claimed third place.
Acknowledging exceptional performances, special awards were conferred upon outstanding individuals:
Muhammad Usman from SA Sports Club received the Best Batsman award.
Abdul Moneem representing High Trading was recognized as the Best Bowler.
Sajjad Khan from Pakistan Social Center Sharjah earned accolades as an exceptional player.
The event also hosted esteemed personalities such as Nisar Malik as a special guest and witnessed the presence of President Khalid Hussain Chaudhry, extending support to his team on the field.
Contributions from various entities such as Pakistan Social Center Sharjah, Woman of Wisdom, Sakhra Furniture, Bin Safyan Contracting, and Trillium Broker – Kamran Siddiqui were pivotal in strategic planning. Additionally, Hafiz Abdul Rauf’s role as a commentator added to the event’s vibrancy.
Distinguished figures including President PP Gulf Medal East Mian Munir Hans, Chaudhry Zaheer Gujjar, Aslam Sarkani, Nasir Bangash from PID, Malik Shabbir Awan, Mazhar Javed, Syed Salim Akhtar, Omar Baloch, Faraz Siddiqui, Shahnaz Khanum,Imtiaz Bhutta renowned TikTokers from Emirates, along with all Emra UAE members, and numerous attendees graced the occasion with their presence, adding to its grandeur.

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