Dubai’s first liver transplantation performed at King’s College Hospital signals new era in healthcare

Dubai – January 9 th , 2024: In a groundbreaking medical achievement, King’s College Hospital
London marked a historic milestone by performing the first successful liver transplantation in
Dubai on a 38-year-old woman grappling with liver failure. As the first facility to provide liver
transplantation services in Dubai, the hospital has raised the standard for advanced medical
care in the region.
This medical achievement not only signifies a triumph over a rare and severe liver condition but
also establishes Dubai’s capability to offer critical medical interventions previously unavailable
in the local healthcare landscape. Currently, King’s College Hospital London is the sole licensed
facility for liver transplantation by the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA). With a team boasting
extensive experience having performed over 1500 liver transplantations, the hospital has
positioned itself at the forefront of liver care in the UAE and beyond.
The patient appeared jaundiced, presenting with yellowish discolouration of the eyes, and
swelling of the feet and belly, indicating a failing liver. The patient suffered from a rare condition
known as autoimmune hepatitis, which causes the body’s immune system to attack the liver
and damage it.
Unfortunately, the patient had already developed liver cirrhosis (scarring of the liver), which led
to eventual liver failure. Recognising the severity of the condition and the inadequacy of
conventional treatments, the medical team at the Hospital, led by Dr. Kaiser Raja Consultant
Hepatologist, Dr. Parthiban Srinivasan, Senior Consultant Transplant Surgeon and Dr. Rakesh
Rai, Consultant Hepatobiliary and Transplant Surgeon, deemed a liver transplant as the most
viable and effective solution for the patient’s critical health situation.
Dr. Parthiban is the Director and Dr. Rakesh Deputy Director of Liver Transplant Services at
King’s College Hospital, which was established under the aegis of H.E. Ahmed Al Tayer,
Chairman of the hospital board.
Following a complex, four-hour-long surgery that involved the complete removal of the diseased
liver and the implantation of a healthy liver, the patient was closely monitored in the liver
intensive care unit by liver intensivists and hepatologists led by Dr. Kaiser Raja, Director of
Hepatology at the hospital.
Commenting on the patient’s disease and the decision to perform liver transplantation, Dr.
Kaiser said, “Liver cirrhosis is silent and does not cause any symptoms until your liver is 80 per
cent damaged. Patients who are diabetic, obese or alcoholic are the most at risk. It is also a
major risk factor for liver cancer. Thus, early recognition and prevention of progression of liver
disease can avoid liver failure.”
In a heartfelt expression of gratitude, the patient, said, “My deepest thanks to the dedicated
team of doctors who have not only given me a second chance at life but have also paved the

way for hope in the face of adversity. Their commitment and expertise have made a profound
difference in my journey to recovery, and I am grateful for their exceptional care and support.”
The management at King’s College Hospital London would like to take this opportunity to
extend their gratitude to the leadership at the Ministry of Health and DHA as their support has
been pivotal in getting this program come to fruition.
The UAE has the fastest-growing rate of post-mortem organ donation in the world. However,
there is a growing demand for organ donation and transplantation services to address the
prevalence of liver diseases. To address this gap, the Liver Transplantation Services at King’s
College Hospital London was established, in line with the objectives of the Hayat Organ
Donation program, under the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention.
Dr. Parthiban said, “This successful liver transplantation is a great example of the life-changing
impact of organ donation. We can save lives through the kindness and generosity of our
patients and families, who prevent another family from facing the loss of a loved one.”
Commenting on the new transplant centre, Dr. Kaiser Raja said, “Chairman H.E. Ahmed Al
Tayer’s visionary guidance and steadfast commitment have played a pivotal role in the creation
of our Liver Transplant Centre. With a direct connection to King’s College London, this
endeavour holds the potential to enhance patient care and drive advancements in medicine.
H.E. Ahmed Al Tayer’s unwavering dedication is poised to leave a lasting imprint on the
healthcare landscape in Dubai.”
As the patient continues her journey of recovery, this case serves as a beacon of hope for
individuals grappling with severe liver conditions in the UAE. According to Dr. Parthiban, the
successful liver transplantation marks a significant stride in the provision of advanced medical
care in the region.

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